Are you getting married in 2019? Want to have unique, on trend wedding invitations for your wedding?

Here they are... our 5 tips for the hottest wedding invitation trends in 2019.

Luxury wedding invitation in copper1. It's all in the detail...

I'm very much a less is more enthusiast when it comes to design but sometimes a finely detailed pattern or intricate design just works. Especially when you combine it with some simple bold type. 

 Geometric Wedding Invitation

2. Geometrics...

Geometric patterns are a hot trend for wedding invitations in 2019 but many of the best patterns date back centuries. There is something deeply satisfying and inherently appealing about a beautiful geometric pattern. 


Wedding venue sketch wedding invitation3. Venue sketches...

You've fallen in love with a country house, a castle or a charismatic church and intend to declare your everlasting love for each other in its hallowed halls. So why not have that romantic edifice forever laid down in fine detail on your wedding invitations? One of the best parts of my jobs is when I switch off email, put the phone on do not disturb and settle down to create a finely detailed sketch of a wondrous wedding venue. 

Monogram Wedding Invitation

4. Monograms...

Monogram wedding invitations were big in 2018 and that trend is only set to continue for 2019 weddings. As there are normally two people involved in a wedding these are technically not monograms but duograms but let's not split hairs. Beloved of Amal and George Clooney the duogram takes your initials and combines them to form a motif repressing your joining together in wedded bliss.

Copper Foil Wedding Invitations

5. Copper Foil...

You may have marvelled at the lustre of metallic gold foil carefully embossed on a super thick card. You may even have lusted after the warm glow of rose gold foil. But have you experienced the cool, celestial wonder of metallic copper foil? I must admit I have a bit of a thing for copper, I have shelves, candle holders, wine coolers and a multitude of things that have been treated to a spray with some copper spray paint - you should try this, it is highly satisfying - so I'm a little biased. But I'm going to come out and say it, copper foil rules the it comes to hot wedding invitations for 2019 weddings.

So that's it my prediction for the hottest wedding invitation trends for your 2019 wedding. I hope you've found some inspiration and I'd love to hear about your ideas for your perfect 2019 wedding stationery.


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