5 Must Read Wedding Blogs You May Not Have Heard Of...

Looking for wedding style tips?

You want your wedding to ooze style and class. Perhaps have a few original touches that really define what you're all about. So where do you find all that wonderful 2019 wedding inspiration?

Get the low down on the hottest wedding trends for 2019

I have saved you the bother of trawling though endless blogs searching for that elusive dress, that floral flourish, that cake confection of delight, and distilled what are, in my opinion, the 5 must read wedding style blogs.

Do you want your 2019 wedding to rock?

The clue in the title here... Rock My Wedding claim to be “The Most Influential Brand In The Wedding Industry” and I can safely say they have some juice to back up that claim... 230k readers and over 1.3 million followers across social media can't be wrong.

To be honest RMW has developed from a blog featuring real weddings into a full fledged wedding style resource. They still have some unbelievably stylish real weddings featured, these are combined with a curated supplier list, some handy DIY guides and a whole host of ideas to style up your 2019 wedding.

Rock my Wedding is a solid choice for gleaning some tips and viewing a broad range of wedding styles.

Oooh I love your dress!

Wether it's a traditional white wedding dress, a super sharp suit or a cool as kilt you're after Love My Dress will set you on the path to sartorial satisfaction,

As the name suggests there is a focus on what you might wear. But again this is more than a blog featuring real wedding inspiration. One unique feature that I love is a section on wedding readings with some pretty amazing and quirky readings for you to consider.

The team at Love My Dress say they are 'never driven by trends' so if a timeless elegance is what you are seeking then this blog is a winner.

 Are you the alternative type?

If you laugh in the face of tradition and tread the path less beaten then Rock n Roll Bride was made for you. I have had the pleasure of meeting Cat (the founder) and her inimitable style and passion for the more out there is awe inspiring.

In fact I'd recommend you don't just browse the plethora of alternative real wedding features... there is a magazine! Yes a beautifully printed real, in your hands, flick through the pages actual magazine. As you know I have a bit of a thing for paper and print so I say hat's off to Cat for bringing some alternative wedding style offline and into your hands.

Dearly B.loved

Under the heading of 'luxe and lovely' this blog aims squarely at the top end of the wedding market. Now I love a luxury wedding invitation and as you're here I'm thinking you might just too. This being the case I'm pretty sure you'll find a whole host of lustworthy wedding magic here.

B.warned it's hard enough sticking to your wedding budget without immersing yourself in a whole host of luxe wedding frippery... but go on you know you want to!

Out on a whim

Possible the best titled blog here... Whimsical Wonderland Weddings really hits the spot when it comes to inspirational, creative and joy filled real weddings.

You can really feel Louise's passion for everything wedding in every piece and feature. There's no set style and a resolute refusal to be pigeon holed into any particular style... if it's in any way whimsical or indeed wonderful it's in.

There's a hand picked supplier directory and the bride diaries are touching and often hilarious. Dive in...

So there you have it...

I really hope you find some inspiration in this hand picked list of wedding style blogs for your 2019 wedding. I've enjoyed researching them for you and, I have to say, I've been inspired to go off and design some amazing 2019 wedding stationery. So before you pop off why not have a little browse?

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