Okay I can't think of one!

If you have met the love of your life and you want to shout it from the rooftops then go for it! Get hitched, tie the knot, declare your undying, eternal love for this person and do it in front of the people you love and who love you right back. What could be finer?

Aside from the above I can think of many, many good reasons to get married. Top among these is the chance to plan an amazing day filled with all the people who really mean something to you. A chance to have the party of your life with vows and cake and dancing!

So here are 10 good reasons to get married...

1. You get to indulge your passion for paper by choosing sizzling, luxury wedding stationery to announce your intentions.

2. You can choose a venue that you've always wanted to stay in but never had a good enough reason to.

Harelaw Farm Weddings

Rowallan Castle Weddings

3. That dress/suit/kilt/outfit you've lusted after can now be yours! Oh and the shoes, don't forget the shoes!



Walker Slater

Ten Thirty

Arabesque Shoes

4. You don't need an excuse for cake but a wedding is the best excuse for the type of cake there's just no excuse for.

Big Bear Bakery

Three Sisters Bake

5. Always fancied taking the trip of a lifetime? Now you can book that dream destination and call it a honeymoon.


6. That photographer you've been following to the point of stalking on instagram can now create their magic just for you.

The Curries

The Hendrys

Caro Weiss

7. You don't get the chance to have a photo booth every day, you do on this very fine day.

Bygone Photo Booth

8. You can indulge your floral fantasies with bouquets and button holes galore.

Cosmos Floral Design

Floral Menagerie

9. If you've ever dreamed of starring in your own movie, now's your chance!

10. Not only do you make a very public, very meaningful and truly wonderful commitment to the love of your life, you will have all those memories to look back upon as you grow old together in wedded bliss.

Eric ene Penroy

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All of the suppliers featured (except the honeymoon) can be found on the awe inspiring wedding collective website.

Now off you go and get that wedding planned to perfection...


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