Looking for Affordable Wedding Invitations?

Budgeting for your wedding can be tricky and even when you’ve set your budget it can be a challenge sticking to it.

In this guide, we are going to show you exactly how to budget for your wedding invitations. You may be surprised by the quality of wedding invitations that are available without breaking the bank. So here’s the big question…

How much do Wedding Invitations Cost?

There’s no simple answer but a few factors that affect the cost of your wedding invitations are…

  • How many invites you need to order.*
  • The style of printing and finishing.
  • Off the shelf designs compared to bespoke designs.
  • If you need support cards like r.s.v.p., information, gift list etc.

*In this case less is more and more is less. Sounds confusing right? All this means is the more wedding invitations you order the less each one costs. This is mainly down to savings made when printing more copies at one time. (For a guide on how many invitations you need to order see our blog post here)

Another main factor that will ultimately determine how much your wedding stationery costs will be down to you as a couple and your preferences. This can apply to all the choices you make when planning your wedding.

According to Brides Magazine the average amount that a couple in the UK sets aside for wedding stationery is just under £300.

From experience, we help prepare wedding stationery for couples with varying budgets ranging from £200 to over £2000, it really is up to each individual couple.

The Ultimate Guide – How much to Budget for Wedding Invitations

To keep this guide nice and easy to follow we have split the style of wedding invitation according to the level of budget required. To make it simple we have based this upon an order for 50 invitations.

Budget up to £200

For those of you with a budget around £200 an affordable wedding invitation will be from our HD Printed Wedding Invitations & Venue Illustration Wedding Invitations.

We only use the finest 300gsm Card Stock and print using High Definition Digital Print Technology to deliver wedding invitations that are unmatched in quality.

Your guests will be suitably impressed and we’re sure you will be too. With matching 135gsm envelopes supplied as standard, your wedding invitations are sure to set the tone for your big day.

So, if you are looking for affordable wedding invitations under £200, HD printed invites are a good place to start. 


letterpress wedding invitations

If you can spend between £200 and £400 on your invites for your special day then using a pocketfold wallet or letterpress printing may be the way to go.

Our Pocketfold Wallet Wedding Invitations collection will really wow your guests. The wallet, in a colour of your choice, will have your invitation mounted inside. Your RSVP and Info card will be neatly tucked inside too. The wallets will be fastened by a little magnet, if you're like us - you'll love opening and closing them!

Pocketfold Wallet in Navy blue

Letterpress wedding invitations are a beautiful introduction to any wedding; using a traditional printing technique a deep impression is made in ultra thick 100% cotton card to give a finish that is not only amazing to look at but also feels truly special.

Com Bossa offer the highest quality and most affordable letterpress wedding invitations in the UK, our designs cover a full range of styles including both modern and classic wedding invitations. 


embossed wedding invitations

If you have a passion for paper and you like a bit of luxury (like us!) then you may want to look at our  Foil Wedding Invitations.

Foil stamped wedding invitations are the ultimate in refinement and luxury. Announcing your wedding to your guests with the lustre and beauty of an embossed or foil blocked wedding invitation truly shows your intention to celebrate in style. 


bespoke wedding invitations

If you’ve been searching high and low for your perfect wedding invitations and have yet to find ‘the one’ then our bespoke wedding invitation design service is for you. Bespoke wedding invitations can be as simple or as extravagant as you wish.

Having you very own unique design can be affordable too. By working closely with a designer you will be able to create that one of a kind wedding invitation that truly reflects your style, individuality and passion.

Top Tips: How to Stick to Your Wedding Invitation Budget

In order to get the most from your wedding stationery budget we have prepared some handy tips to help keep costs down.

Order a Few Spares

We can’t stress this enough. When placing your order always make sure you have ordered a few more than you think you’ll need. If you run out and need just a couple more invitations you’ll find you have to meet minimum order requirements which could be 25-50. For a guide on working out how many invitations you need see our blog post here

Find & Decide on One Wedding Stationery Supplier

wedding invitation reviews

It can often be cost effective to place your wedding stationery order with the one supplier. As well as saving time and ensuring the quality and the design is consistent, you can also benefit from a bulk order discounts by including things like orders of service, table plans, mens and thank you cards.

Attention to Detail

Most wedding stationers will send you a set of proofs to check prior to anything being printed. It is up to you to make sure your proofs are error free and that all the spelling and grammar is correct. We advise you to get a friend or relative (who has an eye for detail and good spelling and grammar) to check your proofs as they will often catch something you’ve missed. If you end up having to reprint your affordable wedding invitations have just become a lot less affordable!

Order Online

Finally, it is a good idea to consider ordering your wedding invitations online. By ordering online you can quickly see how much you need to budget for your wedding invitations. Not only that you can browse through an array of different options and check out customer testimonials from other happy couples.

Wrapping This Up

pocketful wedding invitations

Hopefully you now realise that it is possible to have luxury wedding invitations for your special day at an affordable price.

The most important thing is to find wedding invitations that you love and will be delighted with.

If you have any questions or you’d like to discuss ideas for your wedding invitations please get in touch. We'd be more than happy to help.

As you are here would you like a quote for your wedding stationery? 

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