Avoiding the pitfalls and getting the numbers just right.

You've set a date, found a venue and now all you need to do is start inviting all the important people in your life to help you celebrate!

So once you've got your guest list together you might wonder 'how many wedding invitations do I need?'

We've been creating luxury wedding stationery for amazing couples for over a decade and we're here to help. There's a simple rule to follow when working out the number of wedding invitations you'll need...

Number of Guests - Divided by Two - Add on Safety Net

Many of your guests will be couples or families so only need one invitation between them. That's why you divide by two.

The safety net is all important! The last thing you want to do is run out of invitations and have to order more. Most stationers have a minimum order so it's not possible to order just a few copies. 

So here are a couple of examples...

78 Guests - Divided by 2 = 39 invitations + Safety Net - Order 50 Invitations!

160 Guests - Divided by 2 = 80 invitations + Safety Net - Order 100 Invitations!

Remember that if you are having evening or reception only guests they will need a separate invitation, so use the same rule to work out how many evening/reception invitations you'll need.


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