10 Things You Should Know Before You Buy Wedding Invitations

Don't buy your wedding invitations without reading this guide...

It's always good to have a bit of a guide before you make an important decision. Especially when it comes to making purchases for your wedding.

With a lot of things you buy you may well have experience of choosing and buying them before: cars, shoes, meals etc. So you'll have a good idea of what you like and what to expect. With your wedding stationery it's quite likely this will be the first time you have even thought about it, so here are a few tips:

1. Always Order a Sample
When you've seen wedding invitations you like (probably online) you should always order a sample prior to making the decision that these are the ones for you. You really need to see and feel the quality of the card, the print and the finish.

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2. Order More Than You Think You'll Need
It's best to work out how many invitations you think you'll need and then add another 10 or so on top. This will cover you for any unexpected (or forgotten!) last minute guests. But more importantly if you are hand writing your guests names there will inevitably be mistakes.

Most wedding stationery companies have a minimum order, simply because of the way printers work, so you don't want to have to order another 25 invitations when you only need a couple. That said bear in mind that couples and families may need only one invitation.

Click here for a full guide on ordering the correct number of wedding invitations.

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3. Have Someone You Trust Proof Read Your Stationery
Your designers will do everything they can to ensure your invitations are error free but when it comes to it it's ultimately your responsibility to give the go ahead for them to be printed. It's a really good idea to ask someone you know who has good grammar and spelling to check the text as it's easy for you to miss something.

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4. Leave Yourself Enough Time
Remember that your wedding stationery will take some time to design and produce. This is especially true if you are looking for a bespoke design. Even with 'off the peg' stationery you will need to leave time for your wording to be set, proofs to be sent out and approved by you and then the time it takes for your stationery to be printed and delivered. This last stage can range from anything between 10 days and 10 weeks depending on the supplier and type of print/finish required.A good guide is to start looking when you have your date and venue confirmed but to leave ordering until about 6-9 months prior so that you have a solid idea of numbers of guests and don't get caught out by any changes.

5. What Do Your Guests Need To Know?
Aside from the date, time and where to turn up, what else might your guests need to know? R.S.V.P details are a good idea but you don't always need a separate card, an email address on your invitations is an easy way to do it. Assuming some of your guests may have travelled some distance, or if you're getting married in a remote location, it's a good idea to include directions and accommodation details. Asking guests about dietary requirements is advisable but it's really up to you how much additional information you include.

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6. Getting Your Wording Right
There are as many ways of wording a wedding invitation as there are weddings. So as long as you've covered the basics: time, date, venue etc. then you can get really creative or very traditional the choice is yours. There are loads of guides to wording online but as long as it sounds like you and you're comfortable with it you can't go wrong.

Click here for a complete guide to wording your wedding invitations.


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7. Bespoke Design V's Personalised
The joy of having your wedding stationery designed according to your exact specifications cannot be over estimated. With the right designers you will enjoy an amazing experience and have wedding stationery that is truly unique and something to treasure. However if you don't really have a theme, or a good idea of what you are looking for, it may be simpler to find an existing design that fits the bill. Many suppliers will personalise stationery for you even making changes to the colours and tweaks to the design.

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8. Budget For Stamps and Postage
With the price of stamps on the increase it's an idea to budget for how many you'll need. Especially if you are having a large number of guests. Most invitations up to and including A5 will avoid the extra expense of large letter but it’s worth asking about postage if you are thinking of something very elaborate.

9. How Much To Spend
As with all things wedding you can spend a little or an awful lot. Wedding invitations range from as little as a pound to upwards of twenty pounds for handmade or special finishes. So, depending on the size of your wedding, be prepared to spend between £200 and £500. Going down the DIY route is not always cheaper and not recommended unless you are particularly crafty and have time on your hands.

Click here for the lowdown on budgeting for your wedding stationery.

10. Don't Send All Of Your Invitations Out
This might sound odd but another good reason to order more than you need is that you'll want to keep some invitations back as a memento of your big day. Many people forget about this in the excitement of planning the wedding. It's a nice thing to discover years later tucked away somewhere.



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