The beauty and luxury of foil pressed wedding invitations

Foil wedding invitations will make a deep impression on your guests.

Bringing the beauty and traditions of the past into the modern day - the wonderful world of the hot foil press and the exceptionally beautiful hot foil wedding stationery that we are over the moon to be able to bring to you. 

Foil Printing in-house on our Vintage Hot Foil Press

What an exciting journey this is, daunting, possibly, but so so worth it. Making your wedding invitations as special as can be has always been at the heart of everything we do and how better to do that than by using a vintage hot foil press to really elevate the design that you choose.

Foil Wedding Invitations

How are foil wedding invitations printed?

So, how does it work? Well, firstly a die is made with an embossed print of your design on it. This is then heated to a very specific temperature - believe me, that was interesting to work out - and then a metallic or pigmented foil is pressed between the die and the colour of paper of your choice.

This bonds the foil into the surface of the card permanently and leaves a beautifully debossed, tactile finish. Et voila - beautiful hot foil wedding stationery!

It certainly is an artisan process as each and every card is printed by hand but, in the very fast world that we all live in, we really believe that bringing back these traditional, special methods is not only valuable but, in many ways, essential. 

The Beauty of Foil Wedding Invitations

The beauty of hot foil wedding invitations is also in the choice involved - we have access to a huge number of different metallic foils - literally hundreds - as well as a large range of non-metallic foils.

Gold foil wedding invitations are classically and eternally beautiful as are silver and rose gold foil wedding invitations.

It is, however, really inspiring to work with so many different metallic foil colours. Copper foil has been increasing in popularity over the last year or so. The richness of it particularly suits winter weddings as it works so well with deep earthy colours.

The classic combination of navy or grey with copper foil can be simply stunning. We’re getting excited about working with all of the new matt colours that are now on offer. There are some really fabulous creations coming out of foil companies - patterned foils that could look truly stunning on your luxury wedding invites.

Printing directly on to a coloured card can be very effective indeed (I’ve fallen in love with my new business cards - copper foil on a rich green card). The density of colour is so rich and beautiful.

We carry the full range of G. F. Smith colour plan papers; they are our preferred paper suppliers as they carry such a beautiful range of colours and textures of card.

We love their environmental credentials and they are simply great to talk to as they are always on hand to answer questions and to give advice on the best papers to choose to create exactly the look, feel and style that our discerning clients (like you!) are looking for in their wedding stationery

Gold Foil Wedding Invitations

Foil on other items of Wedding Stationery 

Foiling doesn’t have to be kept for the actual invitations alone; it can add pops of beauty to everything from Save the Date cards to RSVPs and Thank You cards.

Foiling can really set the scene for your wedding feast with subtle touches on your menus and place cards; it can truly add the wow factor to the styling of your tables. 

We love to chat - email us, phone us or message us about your wedding stationery and we’d be happy to go into more detail about all of the styles available; we’re sure that we will have exactly what you’re looking for.

After the initial design/discussion period you will then be invited to proof your wedding stationery. Only when you are completely happy will the print process begin.

Your wedding stationery will then be beautifully packaged and sent out to you with our love and best wishes for the most magical time in your life.

It is so important to us that you will be truly delighted by it when you open your first package.

With luxury foil wedding invitations you will bring an air of prestige, luxury and elegance to your wedding day. Set the tone and really capture your guests’ attention. We’d love to join you on the journey to creating your perfect stationery. 

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