Wedding Stationery Award Winning Couple

A few short months ago we were absolutely delighted to hear that we’d been nominated for The Scottish Wedding Awards by our amazing clients, thank you! - it was certainly a happy dance around the studio kind of time!

Did we think we could win the Best Wedding Stationery Award? We certainly hoped so! I’m pretty competitive, it seems! We were, however, competing against a lot of highly respected and amazing stationers and so we tried to focus on being happy to be finalists and excited to attend the awards ceremony. 

Did I say I'm VERY competitive, though?

So, we emailed our past clients and posted about our nomination on Social Media. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who voted for us! We sent samples of our recent work to the judging team and wrote a presentation on the ethos of our business and the love we have for what we do.

We booked our hotel, found a pet sitter and bought a sparkly dress. Well, I did - not sure that Richard would suit sparkles!

Fast forward to the night of the event . . . we checked in to our (wrong) hotel - how many Hiltons are there in Glasgow?? - put on our dressy up stuff and headed up to the (right) Hilton for the awards ceremony & meal.

Then we got nervous!

What if we won?

Would we need to give a speech?


Then . . . .

WE WON!!!! 

And, yes, we did have to give a speech - Richard did a marvellous job of it! There was a collective ‘awwww’ when he said that everyone in the room were winners as the wedding industry has been a tough old place to be for the last few years.

And he’s so right - it has been and that’s why winning this award has meant so much to us and we are hugely grateful to The Scottish Wedding Awards team for organising such a beautiful event and keeping us right about how it all worked.

To celebrate our win, we’re going to be announcing an AMAZING giveaway soon, watch this space xx

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