So you've found the perfect wedding invitation design. Yippee! The next question that might pop up is 'how do I word my wedding invitation?'

There are many, many ways to word a wedding invitation, ranging from the very formal to the more relaxed and informal.

The essential things to include are...

  • Your Names
  • The Date of Your Wedding
  • The Time of the Ceremony
  • The Venue

Other than that the rest is very much up to you. 

We've prepared a handy guide to wording your wedding invitation which you can download here.

View and Download Your Free Wedding Invitation Wording Guide

You'll see that there are styles which allow for you to write your guest names on the invite and other where you would use the envelope to address the guests.

Above all you shouldn't get too stressed about the wording of your wedding invitation, just make sure you are happy with it and don't forget we can always change things for you in the proofing process so nothing is set in stone until your wording is perfect.

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