Facebook Advertising

Lookalike Audiences

Why to use: Use Lookalike Audiences to find potential new customers by targeting people who are similar to your current or past customers.
How to use:
- Instructions for creating a Lookalike Audience
Tip: When choosing a source for your Lookalike Audience, consider using a group of 1,000 to 50,000 of your best customers based on lifetime value, transaction value, total order size or engagement.

Video Ads

Why to use: Video ads can help you grab people's attention with motion, show what your business does or offers, and bring your message to life. When you use the Video Views objective your ad will automatically optimize delivery to people who are most likely to watch the video.
How to use:
- Create a campaign using the video views objective
- Use existing videos or create videos on your smartphone with apps like Quik, Vidlab, Boomerang, or Videoshop
- After you've run your video ad campaign, create an Engagement Custom Audience from video viewers and target them in your next ad campaign to re-engage with this audience that has shown an interest in your business.
- If you're thinking about creating a new video, our Facebook Mobile Studio is a great resource for DIY video shoots.

Slideshow Ads

Why to use: With the slideshow creative format, you can create engaging, eye-catching animated ads without investing the time and money that is often required for the production of video ads. It is also a great way to reach people with slower connections, as slideshow ads use 5x less data than videos. Use the slideshow format to showcase your products, highlight benefits, show how a product works or tell your business story.
How to use:
- Instructions for creating a slideshow ad
- Examples and other creative tips

Conversions Objective

Why to use: Use the Conversions objective to drive people to take valuable actions on your website. When you leverage the combined power of the Conversion objective and the Pixel, you can deliver your ads to the people who are most likely to take specific conversion actions that matter most to you and your business (like making a purchase or registering for an event).
How to use:
- Complete guide to getting conversions
- [Video] Getting More from Facebook Pixel (English only)

Custom Audience from Website Traffic (Retargeting)

Why to use: With the Facebook Pixel set up on your website, you can retarget people who visit your site or take certain actions on your website, such as viewing product pages or adding items to their cart. You can create different Website Custom Audience segments based on how far along the purchase path they are. For example, you can create one Custom Audience for people who have visited your product pages and another Custom Audience for people who have put items in their shopping cart.
How to use:
- Instructions on creating a Website Custom Audience
- Learn more about all types of Custom Audiences

Carousel Ads

Why to use: With up to 10 cards, the carousel ad format offers more visual real estate and gives you the opportunity to highlight different products; showcase specific details about one product, service or promotion; or tell a story about your business that develops across each carousel card.
How to use:
- Instructions for creating a carousel ad
- Creative examples

And, here are some of my favorite go-to resources:
- Ads Guide for design specifications for every ad format
- Advertiser Help Center for step-by-step instructions
- Facebook's Blueprint eLearning for free online training courses