So you've made it official, tied the knot, said your 'I do's' and are now officially a married couple.

Now that the confetti has landed it's time to head off for a celebratory meal and a drink or two at your wedding reception.

As you're here I'm going to assume that you are a style savvy individual who appreciates that sometimes it's the little touches and flourishes that really make something special. 

As my specialist subject is stationery I'll stick to what I know best and dispense some top tips on using 'on the day stationery' to lift your reception to another level. All with the help of some luscious images from the wedding of Jennifer and Mark.

Let's go on a little journey together. The same journey your guests will make when joining you to eat, drink and be merry in celebrating your joyous union.

So to the table plan...

Wedding table plan

This is the first piece of your wedding reception stationery your guests will encounter. Naturally they'd like to know where to find their seat. As I'm sure I've mentioned before I'm not big on bling so Rococo Mirrors adorned with glittery cards will not be featuring here.

I think it's important to remember the function of a table plan. It needs to be clear, well laid out and easy to understand. If it's too fussy or over stylised it will lead to your guests spending time trying to work out where they are seated, the resulting bottle neck as people queue behind them is not the most auspicious start.

Where's table 9?

wedding table name

Now that Auntie Belle knows which table she's sitting at she'll be scanning the room for a clue. This is where your table number/name cards come in. Again these should be really easy to spot and read from a distance and ideally should be printed on both sides for viewing from various approaches ( after a couple of glasses guests may well use the facilities and have to make their way back to the table for the speeches).

Oh look it's got my name on it!

wedding place cards

Next stop on our little voyage to the main event is the humble place card. These take many forms but the function is to let each guest know their position at the table. You can use first names only or both first and surnames. It worth having a look through your guest list to see how many Johns and Jen's you have before deciding to go first name only.

I'm quite hungry, are you?

wedding menu

Okay so are we sitting comfortably? Good, it's time to peruse the menu. As many venues provide a set wedding menu this may simply serve to whet the appetite and allow your guests to marvel at the fabulous feast about to be set out before them. 

wedding table styling

Your wedding reception stationery can really add to the styling of your room and the experience of your guests. Many venues provide some or all of the items but it has to be said that the quality varies and is usually only what the venue can produce in-house.

wedding room styling

I know you'll have spent considerable time and effort in putting your individual style into every element of your wedding so let us not overlook the humble menu, place card and table plan.

Photography by Dasha Caffrey 

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