5 ways to uninvite your wedding guests...

October 13, 2020

how to uninvite wedding guests because of covid

Well, this is a blog I never thought I'd have to write. Of all of the curve balls that 2020 has had to throw, this is one of the most upsetting for our customers.

There are fairly strict restrictions in place at the time of writing, but, even if that relaxes a little there is still a lot to take into consideration . . . there may be local travel restrictions for some of your guests; there will be social distancing guidelines in place; guests may have fears about travelling or have reduced finances; and the list goes on. 

So, there seem to be two options for moving forward:

1. Postpone your wedding.

If this is your choice, and if this is a possibility with your venue and other suppliers, then there seems to be two main ways forward. You could send out a change of date card with your new date on it or you could send out a change of date card with a general season, for example, summer 2021. 

"Due to unforeseen circumstances the wedding of Josh & Helena has been postponed until the 18th of September 2021".

"Due to circumstances out with our control, we are heartbroken to have to postpone our big day until the summer of 2021. we will be back in touch as soon as we have our revised date confirmed."

2. Go ahead but with reduced numbers.

If it is your choice to go ahead, you're very likely going to have to vastly reduce your guest list. This is certainly uncharted territory for everyone but there are some general areas that most people seem to agree on:

1. Be honest and compassionate in your delivery. Explain that it has given you sleepless nights trying to work out what the best way forward for everyone is. Emphasise that you are looking after the health of your guests rather than simply following the new restrictions.

2. Be as fair as possible. Create an across the board rule for how you're going to reduce the list - immediate family and bridal party only, for example.

3. Don't over explain. Your own financial situation may have changed but don't feel that your guests need to know this. 

4. Let them know as soon as you can. They may have booked time off of work or arranged accommodation that would need to be cancelled.

5. Try not to worry. This is an incredibly difficult time for everyone and you can only do what you think is best. Everyone loves you; they will understand.

So, you're going ahead with restricted numbers BUT, this doesn't mean that all of your loved ones can't join your day. Quite a few of our clients have arranged to have their wedding live-streamed to their guests. You could send an invite with a livestream link and ask them to join you as you get married. You could even encourage them to open a bottle of Champagne to toast your nuptials in style. 

"We are so sad to announce that we've had to reduce the size of our wedding. We are heartbroken that we can't stick to our original plan but we'd absolutely love it if you could join us on our livestream as we say 'I do.' Your love and support means the world to us."

With whatever you decide to do, we're here for you.

Stay well, stay safe & stay in touch.


Richard & Suzanne xx


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