We live in a digital world so you might ask yourself 'do I really need an r.s.v.p. card?'.

The simple answer is possibly not. There are loads of ways you can ask your guests to reply to your invitation. From simply supplying an email or mobile number the invitations itself to setting up a wedding website with all the information about your big day.

That said there is something really special about little cards dropping through your door in the run up to you wedding. Having a printed r.s.v.p. also allows you to collects personal information from your guests along with more creative stuff. Here are a few things you can use your r.s.v.p. for...

  • The primary function of your r.s.v.p. is to help you finalise your guest list when guests reply confirming their attendance.
  • It is customary to ask for any special dietary requirements.
  • Many venues now ask you to supply your guests menu choice to help them plan your wedding meal.
  • If you are providing any transport, e.g. coaches, you can gather numbers and book the right size of vehicle.
  • You can include fun stuff like asking guests to name a track they'll dance to at your reception.

So an r.s.v.p. isn't an essential part of your wedding invitation but it doesn't add greatly to the cost and can add a lot to the experience.


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